5 steps to tackle skin sensitivity due to product overuse/misuse

Experiencing sensitive skin issues can happen for a number of reasons. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible with some examples yesterday. Yet many questions I receive in DM’s usually refer to either incorrect or overuse of products so here are a few steps to help you address product-related sensitive skin issues.

Just a reminder: ⚠️ Speak to your doctor/dermatologist at any time if your skin condition does not settle or continues to worsen.
⚠️ If the reaction causes hives or breathing difficulties seek medical attention immediately as you could be suffering an allergic reaction. .
☀️ Beamwonder Tips: ✅ I have found adding a hydration serum in my routine during this period benefits a great deal in helping my skin to recover faster.
✅ I also avoid DIY preparations at this stage (no Turmeric masks for me) because of the many unknown variables.
✅ I also avoid hot showers as this only irritates my skin further and causes heat sensations.