Are you using SPF on your lips too?

Don’t forget SPF for lips.⁠⁠
I always get the same DM every so often about how their lips have pigmented over the years, “they are darker”, “my lipsticks don’t look the same on me”.. “What can I do”.⁠⁠
My first question is usually are you actually using SPF on your lips too? Nearly everyone responds with a no but they are quick to let me know of the scrubs, treatments, chemical peels and all else. Hmm SPF on the lips please!⁠⁠
Your lips and ears have skin so the same rule of sunscreen protection applies to them too. By the way, this is @kiehls Lip Balm – very similar in colour to my @freshbeauty Lip Balm but just holds that bit better under high heat and humidity.⁠⁠
Who remembers their lips for SPF protection? ⁠⁠

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