Conscious Consumption on Boxing Day

The once Boxing Day/ New Year sale frenzy has officially converted into the earlier Black Friday manic buying where the pre Christmas shopping spree kicks up a notch. Yet this year the marketing slogans had a new take “Please shop slowly”. Beauty and fashion editors were quick to pick up on this phrase and it wasn’t long before a flurry of articles in Fashion and Beauty press appeared with more brands championing slow consumption- and rightly so. That being said It was interesting to see delicious luring offers paralleled with an equal call for restraint- The ultimate human test! Where only the self controlled survived.⁠⠀😝
At the same time these messages are important and ones that needed to be said and heard #Makingconsciousdecisions ⁠⠀
So to stay on the theme of slow conscious consumption (and it It doesn’t get slower than this)……….⁠⠀😁 Believe it or not this is the first hair dryer I have owned in over 10 years.
Pretty shameful for someone easily categorised as a “beauty blogger” and to add to this, there is simply no compelling reason not to have had one either. I mean I cannot say it was to limit hair damage or reduce consumption the answer is just a straightforward “the last one went bust on my travels and I never bothered replacing it”. Then last year I had this overwhelming crazy womanly or unwomanly inner surge of “I need a hair dryer!!!!!”. ⁠⠀
Hang on I hear you say, you lived without one for 10 years and now you “NEED a hairdryer”. Yes that’s right, it’s about time I tamed that frizz. ⁠⠀
I have nothing more to add apart from “Welcome home Dyson” ❤️
So what have you been living without for years?⁠⠀
@dysonhair @dysonhair

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