I am going to start a new short series called Q&A (its a bit overloaded today but I”ll try to keep it short for next time). It’s pretty much based on some DMs about questions asked over the last month. ⁣
One of the recent questions asked was about the difference between skin lightening and brightening and some confusion about how to address skin discolourations effectively when you are sensitive to “potent skin lighteners”. So here is my super quick summary about how to think about the two. ⁣
Remember these ingredients are not exhaustive and there are always new and more innovative launches on ingredients to address pigmentation however those I have mentioned under lightening have a phenomenal amount of studies supporting their efficacy and are very often used as benchmarks in aesthetic treatments. ⁣

▪️Just a note: ⁣
Exfoliants/Enzyme (can also act as melanin inhibitors themselves at a higher %, for example, Lactic Acid, as well as certain fruit enzymes)⁣ See the Infographic on my blog. ⁣
Inhibitors (these work to interfere with the biochemical process that produces and transfers melanin in skin cells). ⁣


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