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Here are some of my Jane Scriver goodies that I photographed last summer, last summer? (feels like a long time but it was only 5-6 mths ago).  @skinthana Here you go! The review is finally up.
Today I just wanted to talk about the Bioluronic buzz 2000 because I used this for about 2 weeks when it arrived, infrequently between my summer travels and then almost forgot about until I started clearing out my beauty stash this week. Luckily it has 12mths of use once opened, which is great! So I still have some good months of use left.
What is it?
A soothing, clarifying hyaluronic hydration.
I love the combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Salix Alba Bark (a natural source of Salicylic Acid)- ingredients that make for a great skincare routine. Making it a hydrating gel particularly suitable for blemish-prone skins or those wishing to keep blackheads at bay. It’s hydrating, soothing and purifying and in theory, these ingredients should work well for my blemish-prone skin. It is also in a handy airless pump which increases the shelf-life of the serum, in other words, you have got 12mths to use it up. Another PRO- The founder is a lovely caring esthetician with tremendous knowledge and experience.
My only qualm with this serum is that sometimes it can pill. Jane Scriver did warn me not to be too heavy-handed with the serum and to only apply a small amount. “If left too thick it might just form a masque that pills”. So I did take her advice and applied it thinly and on occasion mixed it with oil which gave me better results but it wasn’t easy to get the hang of this.
Getting results
Ultimately I found playing about with it, topping it off with oils quickly after application helped in keeping it in place without it pilling. I also tried to avoid too many layers in my routine. The best bit is that my skin feels comfortably hydrated and the texture is nice bouncy jelly not a runny hyaluronic acid serum plus and it saves me using a separate BHA toner in my routine which ( (so I can skip a Biologie Recherche Iribiol or another Salicylic Acid serum if I have one).
Costs: 50g/ 32GBP


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