Launching Soon…

After years of playing, testing, mixing, retesting % variations, split testing, trialling, critiquing, readjusting formulations, retesting, trialling, observing, recording, analysing variations, listening to feedback- I might actually be launching an exciting product very very soon.

I will be honest, I was looking to launch on the 30th of April but back at the end of January it just became very clear that this is going to be a difficult time for everyone including myself. So we spoke to our manufacturers back in February to divert resources away from our production run and facilitate the immediate community needs (which was pretty much the shortage of sanitisers). Now that demand and supply are settling I am now trying to determine when we can safely manufacture again. .

My only promise to you is that if we are not adding something NEW to the beauty conversation it will not be coming out.
#itshappening #itson

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