Sansceuticals Hair and Skin care

Recent buys:
I really thought I hadn’t bought much until all the deliveries starting arriving, “really, that’s mine too!”….GULP. At @theofficialselfridges the motto goes “I didn’t find it, it found me”..If only that was true 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️

However, I don’t really come across many New Zealand brands so when I do, I am not sure why, but I always feel curious to try.

@sansceuticals ☀️Sans [ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliant with ginseng, bamboo grounds, shea butter and goji extract to gently exfoliate.

☀️Sans [ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Wash with ceramides, amino acids and sunflower working to hydrate, strengthen and protect.

☀️Sans [ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Hydratant – With avocado lipids, phytoceramides, amino acids and sunflower extract to cleanse and nourish.

Plus I am still looking for a good purifying scalp shampoo so let me know if you have any recommends?


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