Skin ingredients for Winter Part 2: Humectants

Humectants infograph

I have 4 Parties in 7 days wish me luck!⁠⠀
⁠Plus sorry you are seeing less of me here on IG these days apart from the workload I am actually having to “physically” show up in places every evening this week 😳. Remember what that felt like 😂⁠⠀
Yet I forgot how much I love meetups in person so I’m definitely going to plan more meetups in 2020 🙌⁠⠀
Ok back to this post. I created this infographic at the end of last week as part 2 of the humectant series to give you a quick recap on some of the benefits of humectant ingredients in your skincare regime, be that in a hydration serum, moisturiser or SPF. ⁠⠀
For those that see little or no difference when layering their hydrating serums please take note of the Beauty Tip and remember to follow up with occlusive ingredients (e.g shea butter) to lock in that additional hydration, this will be essential especially in dry, colder, central heating ridden environments. ⁠⠀
Lastly as raised by @andymillward_ there is this constant debate (more rampant in Asia than other countries) about the number of hydrating layers from toners to essences and ampoules that are necessary, especially for those looking to achieve that ever-popular glass skin look. ⁠⠀
Yet one important point to understand is that although water (hydration) is an essential element of all bodily functions, too much of anything can tip the balance to work against your skin and not in its favour. So the key with layering hydration serums is to recognise the levels at which your skin is satisfied, comfortable and not to hose down your skin with humectants if it doesn’t need all that extra layering. Reducing TEWL ensures optimal skin functionality yet overloading the skin with water/humectants (think over bathing) can work against the optimal functioning of the skin. ⁠Hope this helps let me know if you have any questions.

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