Q&A: How to use an SPF Spray?

I know it’s winter in some parts of the world and summer in other parts but one item consistent in my routine is SPF. Winter or Summer.⁠⠀
I had an interesting question DM’d to me a while back relating to SPF application and our conversations spiralled into talking about Spray SPFs. Which made me think that since 2016/2017 I have stopped using SPF aerosol sprays for my face all together primarily for two reasons.⁠⠀
1) Being unable to determine the right SPF coverage (and very runny textures).⁠⠀
2) Concerns related to “SPF Inhalation”.⁠⠀
For those using SPF aerosols around or on their faces here are two tips from The American Academy of Dermatology:⁠⠀
1)Do not inhale spray sunscreens, and never spray sunscreen around or near your face or mouth. Instead, spray the sunscreen on your hands first and then apply it to your face.⁠⠀
2)Avoid using spray sunscreen on windy days. These conditions make it more difficult to apply the sunscreen and easier to accidentally inhale it ⁠⠀
Luckily there are more and easier application methods available and lovely SPFs that no longer feel a chore. In addition to these two tips from the American Academy of Dermatology, I also suggest using spray sunscreen in a well-ventilated area and be sure to apply enough. If you are spraying directly onto your body I usually let the first layer settle before repeating in case missed a few spots. ⁠⠀
I hope this helped. Are you still using face SPF aerosols if so how are you using them? ⁠⠀

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