#bwQ&A: How long does it take for me to see results with my skincare routine?

Topical Skincare:
As you know, I have been focused on tackling various problematic skin concerns for 3-4 years; mostly hyperpigmentation, ageing and acne outbursts. The most stubborn of the 3 for me has really been hyperpigmentation (speaking from years and years of testing and trialling products to see visible results). Fading of hyperpigmentation can take several months especially for more stubborn patches and if you are up against a hormonal imbalance this can be even longer. So patience, consistency and a good routine are key.
Just few notes .

✅ Different ingredients work differently in terms of visible results some work as fast as 2-4 weeks (I’ll cover more specific ingredients another day) however to see more significant skin results requires long term use.

✅ Also as you age your skin cell turnover cycle is no longer at its youthful most optimal level which can mean it takes longer for your skin to heal and restore itself as you age versus its younger self.

❓Now the burning question: How patient are you when it comes to seeing improvements in your skin with skincare? —