Check your Vitamin D levels

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?⁠⠀
Is there a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and those with darker skins?⁠⠀ ⠀

I took this picture last year, before the current crisis (that has led us all to reassess our immune systems). I went for a Vitamin D blood test in April 2019 since my sister had convinced me it was worth checking my Vitamin D levels (after she found out she was deficient).⁠⠀

Her argument was simply that darker skins are more prone to Vitamin D deficiency since the higher levels of melanin in the skin means the skin is able to absorb less vitamin D. Plus some alarming statistics pointing to the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency within the South Asian Community in the UK.⁠⠀⠀
✅What is it? Supports healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular and immune functions.⁠⠀
(*Helps contribute to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus⁠⠀
*Helps maintain a normal immune system and muscle function, helping reduce the likelihood of the flu ⁠⠀
*Helps with anxiety, moods and depression⁠⠀
*See NHS Website for more information)⁠⠀

✅ Natural Food Sources with Vitamin D⁠⠀
-Oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel⁠⠀
-Red Meat⁠⠀
-Egg Yolks⁠⠀
-Fortified Foods- fat spreads/ some breakfast cereals⁠⠀
(*NHS website)⁠⠀

No surprise, the test results confirmed I was deficient, actually “very low” on Vitamin D and I was prescribed 2500IU (as cholecalciferol) @puorilife Vitamin D.⁠⠀

I know with the current situation it is virtually impossible to get any routine blood tests done but for those worried, I would add this on your to-do list at some stage especially if you are noticing some correlated symptoms or if you are a person of colour. (Please speak to your doctor for any health-related concerns this post is about my personal experience only). ⁠⠀
Any other experiences to share with Vitamin D use? ⁠⠀
(See studies below) 👇🏼

The effects of skin color and body weight on vitamin D status are large both statistically and clinically. Knowledge of these effects may facilitate diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency. (Weishaar T et al 2016)

Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in South Asians-Special considerations for vitamin D for South Asians in the UK (Loewe et al 2017)

Vitamin D deficiency prevails in epidemic proportions all over the Indian subcontinent, with a prevalence of 70%–100% in the general population. (Ritu 2014)

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