#bwQ&A: Can I use Vitamin C to treat Acne Scars?

💭Ok so one of my DM questions from last week (sharing my response here pretty much saves me time writing out a similar response when the same question comes again : – )

✅Firstly It is important to know the difference between the types of scarring you are experiencing, for example, pigmentation issues versus skin textural issues. I will cover the differences between different types of scarring in another post. For this post, we will cover post-inflammatory and atrophic scarring

❗️Now the first rule when it comes to acne/ blemishes is “please please please” try not to PICK them (I can be guilty of this) but it can really damage the surrounding skin tissue, leading to atrophic scarring, dark spots and further tissue damage. If you want to save time on corrective treatments, this will be so important. If you are darker in skin tone, picking your spot is pretty much guaranteed to leave you with some hyperpigmentation. So rule no 1 is to refrain from picking at your spots if you can.

✅Also, the type of acne scars you develop will depend on the type of acne you suffered. Acne scars do affect some 80-95% of people who suffer acne vulgaris in some shape or form. So it will be something you will be left to deal with once your active acne is under control.

✅Now in relation to Vitamin C – there are some interesting studies relating to wound healing and tissue repair (Moores J 2013). However, I personally find adding exfoliants and retinoids to my skin routine have led to a far speedier effect when it comes to smoothening my skin after cystic acne scarring as well as dealing with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation too.

✅Lastly, in terms of Vitamin C and in Salon treatments – Microneedling has been amazing for me in dealing with “new” acne scars versus older scars. My micro needling treatment in London back in 2018 was followed by Vitamin C and the skin-plumping effects after the treatment were visible with just 1 treatment. There is a study that also shows the positive impact of micro needling + Vitamin C for atrophic post-acne scars. So those with more severe scarring might prefer to opt for in Salon treatments for speedier results.

📝 Studies: Studies: Split Face Comparative Study of Microneedling with PRP Versus Microneedling with Vitamin C in Treating Atrophic Post Acne Scars. (Chawla 2014)