Facial Oils: For Oily Blemish-Prone Skins

Hey everyone.⁠
The above are just some of the oils to look out for in your:⁠

Face Oils⁠
Cleansing Oils⁠
Face Creams⁠
Cleansing Balms⁠

They work well for oily blemish-prone skins and some oils I like to look out for in my products but again if you are oily/blemish-prone, treading very carefully with them is essential.⁠
Some make great carrier oils like grapeseed oil and others like black cumin are great for tackling blemishes directly. I also tend to tread very carefully with richer heavy oils like Avacado Oil (more suitable for dry skins) and try to determine if they are present in small amounts.⁠

For more on facial oils please take a look at my blog and Facial Oil infographs. ⁠

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