Holiday Updates

I haven’t posted in a while as I decided to go offline and have a complete break from work that included a digital detox too. I have to admit the digital detox bit was the hardest part. Shouldn’t I still be here on IG, shouldn’t I still be creating content over Christmas, more stories, more showing up, more follows, more likes, more connections, more daily chats with so many of my friends, more reading content I enjoy……the list goes on. After these thoughts hurried into my head the answer was just as clear. ⁠⠀
The end of the year is a special time mentally for us all, a time of self reflection which almost always involves some sort mental and physical spring cleaning as we set ourselves up for the best 2020 possible. Taking time off social media was important for me to reclaim this inner space so I can really enjoy being back. ⁠⠀
As this decade comes to an end I truly wish you have created some amazing memories to take with you into 2020, memories with friends, with family, great moments here on the gram, great moments outdoors, visiting places and meeting people. I hope you accomplished all that you wanted to accomplish, I hope you noted all the mistakes this year and then went back to those accomplishments and realised how amazing you are in having achieved so much even as you made those mistakes.⁠⠀