How to treat Red Acne Scars(PIE)

I know I talk a lot about Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation but red acne scars are a huge concern for many. When both I and my sister had our serious bouts of acne, due to my skin tone, my acne marks would turn into dark brown spots and hers would leave behind redness.

These red marks or red spots are often called Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) – since acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that leads to an increased amount of blood vessels (although in the case of my dark skin an increased production of melanin). Now like PIH, PIE can also take 2-8 months to fade and disappear and I know how frustrating this can be for many. My goal has always been to speed up the healing response with PIH and fade the dark spots as quickly as possible and to reduce this time to “fading”. For this mini-series, I will cover what is PIE and how to treat this effectively you can also help speed up the recovery process on your skin.