PM Routine With Daily Pell and Clay Mask

“All we can do now is stare truth in the face”…..Game of Thrones… (For those who get carried away with exfoliation)

🌙 Last nights routine was about tiptoeing around over exfoliation so there would be no truthful surprises this morning. ⁣

💫Addressing a few under the skin bumps which have the potential to develop into full-blown blemishes if left untreated, so this is me loosening the dead skins softly with a peel pad whilst I work the Ultrasonic Scrub Device on a few select areas (chin and nose) and finishing off with a pore sucking mask for dirt and debris removal. Now, if you do have a lot of under the skin bumps I would recommend professional extraction by an experienced therapist (don’t try to this at home otherwise you can end up scarring your skin especially if you are darker in skin colour).⁣

▪️Step 1⁣
@ drdennisgross Dr.DennisGross Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel -. These exfoliating acid pads work to weaken the connection between dead skin cells with a combination of glycolic, lactic, mandelic, malic, citric (for the alpha hydroxy acids) whilst salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) works into the hair follicle to exfoliate and tackle clogged pores. These pads speed up the normal shedding process, improving skin texture and unclogging pores. (I am just using up a free sample that came with one of my @cultbeautybuys from last year and I understand why these are well loved by many but unfortunately these are too strong for my skin thus it was a speed swipe and neutralizing) Again whilst we are being bombarded with acid products please use these pads sparingly and cautiously preferably opting for gentler versions to this unless your skin is acclimated to acids. I would not recommend these for darker skins. ⁣

▪️Step 2
@touchbeautyofficial Ultrasonic Scrub Device around the chin and nose area for deeper exfoliation around areas where I usually get a lot of under the skin bumps.⁣⠀

▪️Step 3
@alyaskinaus Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask – for some Kaolin, Bentonite pore sucking action.⁣

▪️Lastly, I followed this up with lots of hydration and a balancing lipid cream.⁣