Squalene vs Squalane

I am in total holiday mode, sleeping late, waking up late, mum has brekkie ready, kids roaming around and few books scattered around my bed from the night before. Seriously, nothing in this world beats being back at my mum’s and the older I get the more I love snuggling up to her. So as you can imagine I haven’t really been online much the last 5 days but I never forget my promises!! So a few weeks back I did a post on Comedogenicity and several of you asked questions or sent me DMs about what was the difference between Squalene and Squalane. So here it is 😊

How do you like to use Squalane?

I will be honest I do not seek out a separate squalane brand or product, this ingredient is usually included in the products I use so I have never really felt the need to invest in a separate Squalane oil and I do dip into it occasionally but it’s not an absolute necessity for me. However, for those with dry skin, you might find yourself raving about this gem and if works for you “lap it up!” ❤️