Skinceuticals and Jordan Samuel Serum Review

Skinceuticals and jordan Samuel serum review

As you all know I have been experiencing a lot of congestion of late (travelling, stress, late nights …. the usual culprits) and these two have really been helping keep my skin clear. ⁠ @skinceuticals
Blemish Age and Defense

Ingredients Include:⁠⠀
3.5% Glycolic Acid – Exfoliates, and helps stimulate cell turnover ⁠⠀
2%Dioic – Regulates sebum
1.5% Salicylic Acid & 0.3% Capryloyl Salicylic Acid – deep cleanses pores, exfoliates and treats blemishes. ⁠⠀
Results Experienced:⁠⠀
Clears congestion and reduces sebum.⁠⠀
Exfoliates, resurfaces skin texture and reduces the appearance of pores.⁠⠀
Brightens⁠ and helps in smoothing fine lines
Reduces the number of breakouts and active blemishes. ⁠⠀
One of the first things you will notice is that Alcohol Denat is second on the ingredient list and the primary reason why this is used is to solubilize the ingredients to gain a textural elegant finish (so that you experience a matt dry skin finish which can be temporarily comforting for oily skins). Most products I have used with Alcohol Denat high on the INCI list are usually there for solubilisation purposes to gain this texturally elegant skin finish or matte non-sticky result which many people value. Personally I would have preferred a slightly more non-drying finish even if that meant a little more of a tacky finish because I do find this serum can dry my skin easily if I use it regularly. ⁠⠀
One way of getting around this has been to pair it up with a good hydration serum, Skinceuticals has plenty of hydration choices and if I had the HA Intensifier at hand these two would have worked nicely together. Here I have been pairing it with @jordansamuelskin plumping hydration serum and it has been working out really nicely for me I am just surprised it took me so long to try Jordan Samuels ⁠⠀
juicy serum which is beautifully hydrating. ⁠⠀
My skin has literally cleared up by 60-70% in 2 weeks and I have one pimple on the side of my cheek left. This serum definitely delivers quick results and is a good replacement to toner pads or acid toners for blemish-prone skins. ⁠⠀