AM Routine with PIGM400

Monday….I don’t know if you saw my stories but I’ve been replaying those soothing waves all morning 🌊 🌊 🌊

Here is my #amroutine ⁣

@isclinical_uk Cleansing Complex (1st Cleanse) Warming Honey Cleanser (2nd Cleanse). It is a double cleanse kind of morning today (which is unusual) as I was experimenting with layering a few creams last night which were very occlusive (thick and heavy) so I woke up feeling like there was a still a film on my skin and this “eeeky” feeling. So I had to reach for a double cleanse.⁣

@drsebagh Powdered LAA(Ascorbic Acid) is tricky to use and when you are looking for convenience this type of format really gets pushed aside because if it is not mixed properly or used instantly the benefits of LAA can go wasted. Dr.Sebagh was probably the first brand I tried with a Powdered Vitamin C many years back so this mini vial is a nostalgic throwback. It does work well but I know for many using powdered Vit C is tricky and some brands do not even have a full guide on how these can be used in your routine so I just stopped recommending them. However, for those that are getting weary with oxidized Vit C formulas, this might be an option. ⁣

@biologique_recherche_uk PIGM 400 – (see the post before) ⁣

@deciem Survival 0 – I am a huge fan of this protective AOX serum. ⁣

@perriconemd_uk – High Potency Eye lifts a relatively nice light Vit C that absorbs very quickly into the skin and has a gentle brightening effect. ⁣

@skinmedica – Total Defence + Repair SPF 34 (Tinted)⁣