AM Routine with Biologique Recherche

Here is my #amroutine with BR serums in the rotation this morning: ⁣⠀
Serum Oligo-Proteins Marines- A lightweight moisturizing serum for the face and under-eye areas. It is a beautifully hydrating and moisturizing where the skin instantly feels soft to the touch. Key Ingredients: Brown Algae/Seaweed with its moisturizing, regenerative and sebum-regulating properties (think back to my lovely seaweed baths with @Haeckles which are simply the best at leaving the skin super soft) as well as Malachite, which helps protect against environmental impurities. ⁣

✨Biologique Recherche Iribiol – A nice lightweight watery texture which makes it easy to layer with other products and for day time wear. It works to “purify” the skin keeping breakouts at bay however I find this relatively mild and more of a regulating, long term use product. If you have many blemishes, large cystic acne you are going to have to bring in some heavy-duty action (whether this is a high % on the spot acid treatment, sulfurs or others, see #bwspotseries for more effective spot treatment combos and ingredients). This is a good gentle preventative step for those that are blemish-prone and those looking to manage their irregular breakouts. I would definitely recommend pairing this up with other actives in the evenings if you are looking to use this as an immediate solution towards clearing your skin. The key ingredient being Salicylic Acid (however the % is unfortunately unknown) as well as Zinc PCA both working to clarify pores and regulate sebum.⁣⠀

⭐️Tip: If you are using any type of 2% Salicylic exfoliating AM/PM toner or pads you can skip this serum altogether and a better option might be using Dermopurifiante Cream instead. Here you will have the wonderful benefits of the ingredient salicylic whilst simultaneously providing the skin with additional nutrients, hydration, and moisture. So this would be a better cost-effective solution for some. There was a time when I was using a thin lightweight BR serum during the day and topping this with a pea-size amount of Dermapurifante.

Lastly, If you are suffering a bout of breakouts and you are following a BR routine then you will find it beneficial to incorporate one the recommended P50s for your skin into your routine. Again keep in check the number of times you are plowing your skin with Salicylic Acid and scale back if you notice your skin is drying out.

PIGM 400 (I have 3x 5ml pots)- This is such a small pot (5ml) so the results will be limited if you were to use this alone. It is a light textured serum which is easy to layer with other BR serums yet I haven’t seen a noticeable difference in either brightening or the fading of my acne PIH/Dark Spots as yet however the texture is lovely and it is easy to incorporate into a routine. The 4 key brightening Ingredients include: Garden Cress Sprout, Oligopeptide 68, Iso Isoflavones, Sea Daffodil- these actives primarily show results only after consistent long term use, although some show efficacy from 28 days. Tackling pigmentation is very much a long term plan rather than a quick fix. Consistency, discipline and multi-pronged approach are key to tackling pigmentation follow #bwbwjourney for more on tackling pigmentation.