EVY Technology Daily UV Face Mousse

Talking about SPFs here is an SPF that I have really enjoyed. Not quite your typical SPF gel, fluid or cream but an SPF brand that makes sunscreen in a mouse format.
1️⃣Who is it for? Made for all skins, sensitive skins, ageing skins. ⁠⠀
2️⃣Brand: Swedish brand with patented suncare technology distributed at derms and now retailing at Space NK UK (those in states may struggle to get hold of this).⁠⠀

3️⃣Key Ingredients/Filters⁠⠀
A plethora of filters – broad-spectrum coverage.⁠⠀
Octocrylene (UVB)⁠⠀
Uvinul A+ (UAI)⁠⠀
Avobenzone (UVAI)⁠⠀
Tinosorb S (UAB, UVAII, UVAI)⁠⠀
Uvinul T150 (UVB)⁠⠀
Hydrolysed Collagen- humectant⁠⠀
Hyaluronic Acid- hydrator⁠⠀
Allantoin- soother⁠⠀
SPF 30 equates to filtering out 97% UVB rays upon application. ⁠⠀

4️⃣Technology- What is unique about the Evy technology is that the SPF sinks into the skin rather than sitting on the skin which means it longer lasting versus SPF that just sits on the surface of the skin.⁠⠀
5️⃣Texture: A light mousse that settles into the skin nicely creating a thin primer-like film which dry skins will really appreciate. It is clear with no white cast and absorbs quickly. Not the effortless gel textures from Asia and Japan but I truly felt this lasted longer throughout the day reducing the hassle for reapplying which is great when outdoors (It does tend to make the skin look a little shiny/ glowy ).⁠⠀
Doesn’t clog pores, is non-comedogenic and you can use this around the eyes and mouth. No fragrance. No nanoparticles. Long-lasting coverage. Leaves a primer-like film for those looking to apply makeup afterwards. I experienced no breakouts and I am blemish-prone. I also found that my 2 dark spots from my acne faded faster with this when I did a mini test.⁠⠀
❓Measuring the right amount of SPF is not easy and may lead to under application e.g 1/4 teaspoon for the face. ⁠⠀
❓I always prefer higher coverage as it reduces the need to reapply frequently. ⁠⠀
❓The labelling at the back of the can is too small to read.⁠⠀
This is a definite repurchase at some point. ⁠⠀