Mask Series – Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment

This is the kind of guy you walk past and never give them a second thought, that quick swipe left, the pass over at a party, barely noticing they exist really. Then one day you bump into him and you guys hit it on like a house on fire! You realize you have so much in common and before you know it, he has nicely slotted himself into your life. Va-Voom! you guys are getting along…

Mask Review: The star of the mask series, Exuviance Detox Mud Mask. ⁣
I know I have stretched out this mask series a bit but seriously this mask is worth the wait. It is a great blend of high power-sucking clays (the negative charges zapping up the positive “toxins”) minerals and charcoal with NeoGlucosamine (an exclusive ingredient to the Neostrata group, a gentle non-acid exfoliant, so you will find this ingredient in NeoStrata and Exuviance products only).⁣

This mask purifies the skin with its blend of 23% Japanese Binchotan charcoal and green clay blend sucking out all the gunk from the skin, gently exfoliates with NeoGlucosamine, controls oiliness with a botanical blend and moisturizes. Just an awesome mask that clarifies and refines the skin without irritation, tingles or drama. It just leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean, smooth and moisturized and I can see this working for many. Although you do get a slight drying of the clay the mask does not completely dry up to suck all moisture from the face and yet clarifies the skin beautiful to keep blemishes at bay.⁣⠀
Verdict: 😊
Price: $49 for 100ml ⁣