The mask dump

Masque Vivant @biologierecherche. Words used to describe this mask are “If you use it twice a week, you will never age” if only this was true. The mask is loaded with yeast extract (rich in vitamin B), power suckers bentonite and kaolin, exfoliating lactic acid, vinegar and botanical extracts like cucumber to calm and soothe.⁣

This mask basically smells like a farmyard and works actively to remove impurities, refine and retexture the skin in an all-in-one application, almost like a supercharged P50 in a Kaolin base for charged skin purification and exfoliation. So it really needs to be used with caution (under hopefully esthetician instructions). It is a very active mask and some may find that it works well in just a select area application or mixed with VIP 02 masks rather than on its own. With regular use, you will notice smoother, brighter skin with fewer breakouts.
💲Price: US$68 (3.4 oz. / 100ml size)

Problem Solver – This mask has served to be well in 2018, however as you will notice, I have never used this mask alone, as I find it ever so slightly aggressive and drying. It contains a combination of some of my favourite clays and ingredients like Fuller Earth, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Bamboo Carbon Charcoal as well as Ascorbic Acid, Turmeric Gotu Kola and spices. The instructions are to activate the mask with water, however, I find by choosing appropriate humectants (hydration, toners) and emollients (oils) you can really up the results on this mask and alleviate some of the irritation, if you find it irritating (I would tread carefully if you have sensitive skin).
💲Price: $100 (8.45 oz/250 ml)⁣

Flavanone Mud Mask – This one is too strong and caused a tremendous level of irritation on my skin. My skin felt like it was on fire. I am also tired of hearing “if it tingles it works” in other words justify the whole skin trauma as being part of the process in decongesting and exfoliating the skin. One has to remember that anything that tingles aggressively is causing some sort of trauma/irritation to the skin and for these reasons alone will be leading to some sort of inflammation. So I avoided all pigmented area troubles with this mask, worried that the melanocytes could become over-activated during the masking process and reverse all those months of hard work in reducing my PIH. Just a note, these cells are always being turned on or off and there are so many inflammations triggers so please be careful if you are tackling melasma and using aggressive masks. The ingredient list is powerful, my favourite being the combination of an azelaic acid derivative with bioflavonoids in a montmorillonite, kaolin base. It is a purifying and protective mask and the radiance you can get from this mask is insane, however for me personally the trauma caused to skin and the long term effects of this are not worth a repurchase.
💲Price: 70$ for 100ml

Rescue Mask-Eve Lom – This was definitely a surprisingly hard worker on my blemishes. Ingredient combinations like Kaolin (to draw out impurities and excess sebum), Camphor (anti-inflammatory, an anti-fungal ingredient that works to cool and lifts impurities), almond meal (to gently exfoliate) and honey (to soothe and hydrate). Everything really coming together to create some serious blemish suction action whilst gently exfoliating the skin to reveal smooth healthy-looking skin. This works wonderfully well on blemish skins and it also works well as a spot treatment alone if you prefer an alternative to sulfur spot treatment that you might be using.
💲Price: £55.00 (100ml)

Omorovicza Moor Mask Moor Mask – This Hungarian Thermal Water and mud mask work really well for my skin with just the right level of purification action to withdraw impurities and excess sebum without all the additional irritation. It also includes Glycerine, Cocoa, Saccharomyces Ferment Extract leaving my skin feeling smooth, soft and squeaky clean. I am still playing with the clay cleanser, so more to come on this.
💲Price: £68 50ml

Electro Gel Cleanser – This is a cream cleanser and detoxifying mask and cleanser in one since it does include Bentonite hence the name “Electro”. Personally, I felt this worked better as a cleanser than a mask. The key ingredients include Shea butter, Glycerin, Bentonite, and essential oils and unfortunately, overall my skin didn’t seem to agree with this cleanser too much even though I can see it working for many.
💲Price: £25 100ml

Forest Rhapsody Flower Acid Resurfacing Mask– This is an unusual textured mask in that it is a light fluid emulsion. It contains both exfoliating flower and fruit acids in a purifying base of white kaolin clay, with the aim of resurfacing the skin to reveal smooth, bright, clear and purified skin. I feel this works well on uneven skin tones looking for a brightening and purifying mask. This feels beautiful light and cools on the skin, yet it works hard to exfoliate and purify. This mask is relatively new to me so I look forward to using this a bit more before I come back with a review.
💲Price: 75$ for 50ml