Skin ingredients for Winter Part 1: Climate and Humectants

Sitting on my bedside table is the most gorgeous thick and luscious hand cream. I have been using this as an overnight treatment for the last 2 weeks and is such a gem! More to come on this goodie but first I thought I would address changes of seasons and climates because most places in the world, see temperatures drop around this time of year making space for more rich and nourishing creams they might have on hand. ⁠⠀
With temperatures dropping everywhere I want to run through some categories of ingredients that benefit us this time of year and are abundant in most of our skincare. ⁠⠀
💦 Emollients⁠⠀
💦 Occlusives ⁠⠀
⁠⠀ ⁠⠀
First up are humectants but before we do a deep dive into them, let’s take a look at how the benefit us across climates. Using humectant or hydrating serums has always been a bit tricky for me in cold climates not until I started doing my skincare routine straight after the shower on wet damp skin and sealing with moisturisers soon after. ⁠⠀
Here is a quick recap on how humectants work across climates and why emollients/ occlusives can be an important step in to draw the full benefit of your hydration serums in cold climates.⁠⠀
How do you find your hydrating serums?⁠⠀
Hydrating or Drying?⁠⠀