Beauty routine for breakouts

Sulfur and Benzoyl Peroxide are true & tested treatments when it comes to warding off blemishes but these can also be irritating and drying on the skin. However recently I have been testing a cleanser with BP which has been working surprisingly well. BP has always been an ingredient my skin dislikes, from drying to further darkening of my spots yet using BP in a gentle creamy cleanser matched with an overnight exfoliant or retinoid has just been working really well for my skin. ⁣

Above all having a well rounded routine can be very important in tackling more persistent blemishes and looking to see whether you have a strong antibacterial ingredient in your weekly routine of exfoliants, retinoids, serums, creams might be worth a check if you are suffering from more persistent breakouts. Finding that fit which helps treat and prevent breakouts for you can really be a matter of trial and error to find that sweet spot of number of times/week use.⁣

Antibacterial ingredients can also come in many forms from Mandelic Acid (antimicrobial), Tea Tree Oil and some great botanical extracts too. @votarylondon does a fantastic nourishing oil blend for breakouts, Blemish Rescue Oil that can work really well for drier skins with Salicylic Acid, rosemary and tamanu oil. ⁣

Depending on the level of your acne from mild, moderate to severe, different strength of ingredients and products combinations will work well noting 5-10% of BP or sulfur will be on the high strength. ⁣

How is everyone else coping with keeping their maskne at bay?⁣