#bwQ&A: What can cause a skin flare up?

In February I had a huge skin flareup. The kind of flare up I would get growing on my elbows or the back of my knees, the kind I thought I had dealt with and yet in February, I had another.

This time the flare up was around my neck and luckily pretty easy to figure out too. I was playing dress up with the little ones and I had been wearing a woollen scarf around my neck all morning. It was made of 100% wool which really makes me itchy, so that afternoon I may have spent a good 10 minutes scratching and by the morning I noticed my neck was itchy, red and sore. In my case it was pretty quick for me to identify what was the cause but sometimes it isn’t so easy.

Here is a list of reasons why you might be experiencing a flare up? Tomorrow I will run you through how to deal with product specific related flare ups relating to overuse (especially if you have been at home thinking now is the time I can use everything in my skincare stash only to find your skin is red and sore).