Don’t mind me here, just having a stretch☺️@thierryporter⁠⠀

If you want to change your mood today, maybe you want to relieve stress, anxiety, boredom, help yourself sleep better, boost your energy, feel motivated to go through the day – just try exercising (or do some sort of physical activity) even if it’s for 10mins. You will notice how immediately you will start to “feel” better, that is because our brain releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins that help shift our mood. I also find a few stretches and breathing exercises really helps bring a level of calmness that makes me feel more at ease during the day. ⁠⠀

5 other ways to improve your mood today🤗:⁠⠀

1️⃣Call a friend⁠.
2️⃣Just smile (sounds weird but it works!)⁠⠀
3️⃣Play some good music, better still get up and dance!
4️⃣Watch a comedy- (I’m rewatching Friends & Fresh Prince of Bel Air -classic mood lifters)⁠.
5️⃣Sit next to a window and sip your favourite drink- nothing comforts me more than Chai or Matcha (use this time to create a new favourite drink ☕️)⁠.