Dry vs. Dehydrated skin

After my humectant, emollient and occlusive series I had a few of you ask me the same question “How do you know if your skin is dry or dehydrated?” and “What are the causes of dehydrated skin?”. ⁠⠀

If you are a person who is blemish-prone knowing the difference can be important in order to avoid over ploughing your skin with rich emollient creams when this is not necessarily needed (in turn it may actually cause additional congestion and breakouts). On the other hand, skins that lack the optimal lipid levels (dry skins) may also notice their skin feels “tight with superficial lines” due to an increase in transepidermal water loss which can lead to the skin feeling dehydrated and dry at the same time. ⁠⠀

So my next few posts will look into how to recognise whether your skin is dry vs dehydrated or both, causes of dehydrated skins and how to treat dehydrated skin.⁠⠀

First up a quick round-up on how to recognise whether your skin is dry or dehydrated?⁠⠀