How to build your routine for brighter even tone skin

Here is your basic routine card to help you get more even tone skin. So what’s the trickiest part to get right?

Usually the retinoid and exfoliant step is the trickiest to get right and depends on a number of factors – skin tolerance, experience, frequency of use, % of actives etc. Too gentle and results are just not there, too strong and your skin is over-stimulated or irritated so you almost need that “goldilocks just right”.

So aligning your routine with your personal skin state and tolerance levels is important and this is where product brand guidelines are sometimes not very helpful. For example, some brands may promote x2 a day use which may not be ideal for you and your skin. Testing and starting slowly is really the key to learn what suits your skin best as well as setting boundaries of use – keep the brand guidelines as guidelines. I have seen skins thrive with 3 times a week retinoid use and twice a week exfoliant use and others not do so well (needing to remove the retinoid or exfoliant, or slowly acclimating their skins to both).

Which step of your routine is the trickiest and how often are you using acids and retinoids in your weekly routine?