#BeautyTools: Beauty Sponge

beauty sponge

I have a few beauty tools I use often but when I get asked which beauty tool do you think I should I buy I always start with the easiest to buy into “do you have a cosmetic sponge or konjac sponge”.⁠⠀

When you start beauty/aesthetic school literally every person in the class is given a kit with these in them and they have been popular in B. Schools since I can remember. ⁠⠀

They are simple, inexpensive, save energy, effort and water even water. If you love masking then I would highly recommend grabbing (2-5$)⁠⠀

Benefits include: ⁠⠀

Remove cleansers (balm/cream/foam)Helps froth up gel cleansers/ soap bars. Provide gentle mantle exfoliation. Helps remove face masks, especially drying clay-based masks which can be stubborn to remove when they dry on the skin (plus they conserve a lot of water and energy rubbing off drying face masks).⁠⠀

An alternative to cosmetic sponges is konjac sponges which are also amazing (great for baby bathing too).⁠⠀
Does anyone else have some?  Or use them?⁠⠀