Product review: isclinical’s Pro Heal and Sachi Skin’s Complexion Clarifying Accelerator

Two products that can help towards post acne scars and texture of the skin below:⁣

AM: Pro Heal – Vitamin C antioxidant and collagen boosting serum. This is no newbie and I have reviewed this before as a goodie, see my feed below. Although I am a huge fan of L Ascorbic Acid over the years I have found low PH L Ascorbic Acid to be a little irritating when I am more consistent with retinoids yet this one doesn’t seem to irritate as much as some others. ⁣

PM Complexion Clarifying Accelerator – A blend of enzymes, acids, brighteners and barrier supporting actives to address textural skin concerns post acne scarring and PIH. ⁣

*This week I am also testing a new Benzoyl Peroxide cream facial wash from @replenix to see how this pairs with CCA as one of you messaged me saying that it was the perfect combo to help keep your breakouts at bay without irritating your skin or causing any purging or dryness. So I am testing to see if this combination will lead to any dry skin patches or irritation (it’s been 5 days so far and no dryness whatsoever, so far so good. I will keep you posted).

What’s helping you take care of pesky blemishes and maskne as of late? ⁣