Skincare routine for radiant, even skin tone

Having a good product is great but having a good routine is King! (or Queen😉)⁣

Sometimes we pick up a good product and we place it in our routines and we wonder why we don’t necessarily see the best results.⁣

One thing to remember is that most products are created to be part of an equation, part of a routine to be layered for optimal results. A non optimal routine can hinder that product’s performance. It’s like taking a fantastic runner and slotting them into a slow non performing relay team. The runner can only run his personal best but to win the race you need the team running their very best too. ⁣

So what’s the hard part? ⁣

Getting the routine right for your skin state. This is not easy because it really means being in tune with what your skin does and does not respond too and in some cases requires some trial and error. ⁣

Here is basic guidance to help you with a brighter, more even skin tone routine. Do you feel confident in your routine?⁣