How many days a week should i exfoliate?

This is just for conservative guidelines and ultimately your use of acids will really depend on four main factors:⁣
✔️Strength of acid⁣
✔️Skin tolerance⁣
✔️Reason for use⁣
✔️What other actives you are using in your routine.⁣

The key in incorporating acids is to listen to your skin carefully to find that sweet spot of exfoliation and with skincare this will require some trial and error. My biggest takeaway is that you do not need to think that your skincare MUST BE used all over your face. You can always treat more frequently with an acid exfoliant around a localised or spot area if this is your specific concern and not all over your face which may not necessarily need the increased frequency of exfoliation.⁣

How often do you like to exfoliate?⁣