Oils and Balms for Winter

oils and balms for winter

80% off – Who doesn’t love a good deal. ⁠⠀

@theboxwalla Subscription service is nothing but “amazing value”. You literally pay 23% (49$) of the retail value (212$). That’s almost 80% discount which beats any Black Friday deal and makes drug store deals look “meh”. ⁠⠀

@lepaar – Love the lip balm, body oil and beauty balm- with ingredients like Turmeric and Kakadu Plum Seed for glowing skin. Rich nourishing oils that drier non-breakout prone skins will appreciate tremendously. If you are breakout-prone you will need to tread carefully and be diligent with the exact amount and frequency of application as these oils/balms can give you more occlusivity on your skin than you need. The lip balm is a nice lightweight oil-balm which glides over the lips and a favourite. ⁠⠀
@votarylondon – This is the current (and still available) Votary curation including 2 items perfect for winter.⁠⠀
a) One of its bestseller a calming Super Seed oil which I have used regularly over the last month, and not a single breakout related but just calm skin. ⁠⠀
b) The rich luxe cream- the texture is very decadent the ingredients are extremely nourishing and I see dry skins lapping this one up for 49$ this makes each item 25$ each. Both items do not contain fragrance or essential oils.⁠⠀

Some notable oils include Hemp Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Rosehip oil, Chia seed oil and Grapeseed oil. ⁠⠀
*** Note this box was GIFTED and previous African Botanic boxes were purchased by me.
What oils or balms are you loving this winter?⁠⠀