Galinee: mini product review

Ok a mini review on Galinee is long overdue and since it has just recently launched on @cultbeauty I thought I might be a good idea to finally get this up.⁣

First up the founder is absolutely lovely and with all her speaking engagements over the last few years, I believe (she along with many other amazing brand founders) have really helped propel more activity, research and interest in the area of pro/prebiotics in skincare. I know we still have a long way to go with discovering and utilizing pre/probiotics especially live cultures and more supportive studies. It is important that we continue to champion and support brands raising awareness on treating the skin at a microbiota level. This in turn continues to raise demand and awareness helping these companies/labs to continue to raise funds for supportive research projects. So I was definitely happy to be trying a few bits from the collection that were sent to me to try.⁣

So here are the two items I love & repurchased from what I have tried:⁣

1) The hand cream. Hands down a winner! 😉⁣
2) Face Vinegar (not featured here) love this on my scalp even though I know they have since launched a hair care collection.⁣

Featured here: The Hand Cream.⁣

It is light, nourishing but not really greasy with grapefruit scent. I have repurchased this 3 times already since it works well on my desk and does not leave my fingers greasy. Ingredients include – balancing multi-biotics (lactobacillus – probiotics, prebiotics and skin balancing lactic acid) in a shea butter nourishing base.⁣

Galinee Probiotic Face Mask and Scrub:⁣

This is a mask scrub to “cleanse, brighten and refine the skin”. Reported to be suitable for all skin types (I would say this is mostly for oily resilient skins. Sensitive, delicate, rosacea prone skins may find this a little harsh)⁣

Smell: A signature grapefruit⁣

Key Ingredients include – Kaolin, Olive seed powder, Glycerin, Lactic Acid – Probiotics, Panthenol and Zinc PCA (It does include fragrance — for those looking to avoid this).⁣