Niacinamide – A Multi-benefit ingredient

The last time I did a Niacinamide Ingredient profile it was in 2017 and The Ordinary had just launched products around the theme of “single” ingredients. ⁣

The aim with my account back then, was really to raise awareness on how amazing these single ingredients were for our skin, ingredients that we wouldn’t normally hear of or look out for in our skincare products. Yet fast forward 3 years, and the level of awareness surrounding so many of my favourite ingredients is just amazing!⁣

Niacinamide is one of those ingredients that is a daily MUST for me – as a person with hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne-prone, sebum balancing issues and sensitivity, concerns. The multi-benefits just make Niacinamide a fantastic ingredient for so many varied skin concerns. If you are new to creating your routine, I would definitely look out for this ingredient in your day cream. ⁣ ⁣

Who says we all need this? 🙋🏽‍♀️⁣ ⁣

Niacinamide- Mechanisms of Actions and Its Topical Use in Dermatology (Johannes Wohlrab, Jun 2014)