Skin ingredients for Winter Part 2: Emollients

Oh wow! I think it was just before Christmas when I started the thread on “Humectants and Climates” 😬 now here is the second part “Emollients”. ⁠⠀

The real question is: ⁠⠀
Why is it good to know your emollients from your humectants and your occlusives? ⁠⠀

Well, if you are blemish prone this is something you might want to get to know, to make sure that you are not overloading your skin with too many occlusives (that can cause congestion) rather than emollients and humectants which can provide hydration and some comfort without loading the skin. If you have drier skin that is still breakout-prone then you might want to also pay close attention to the type of emollients and more specifically occlusives that are beneficial for drier skins yet still congestion safe.⁠⠀

Some emollients can be used interchangeably between occlusives where the real test lies in how effectively they reduce TEWL (Transepidermal water loss). More on occlusives soon plus some occlusives to look out for if you are blemish-prone.⁠⠀
Who is cushioning their skin with some emollients tonight? & any favourite types? ⁠⠀