South Asian Comfort Food: Pakoras

After years of smoothies, salad bars, juicing, health bars guess what’s back on the menu? Comfort food!⁠

Pakoras anyone? ⁠⠀

This is a South Asian vegetable snack and my way of connecting with my culture, my childhood and family -plus its a total comfort food (a naughty deep-fried vegetable concoction of gram flour, potatoes, spinach, onions).⁠⠀

Comfort foods are usually foods high in sugar, fats and salts, which makes sense as most of these foods are linked to elevating the mood by stimulating the brain’s reward system. Yet for me, today’s cooking has a special place in my heart as this is the food my mum would most often make for us growing up. Yet when I was young I would literally barricade myself in my bedroom until the cooking was done, afraid that the scent might linger into my clothes, afraid someone might poke fun at me at school. Today I couldn’t be more proud to be teaching my children the beauty of our food culture, it’s rich flavours and taste. I also couldn’t be more grateful for the warmth and love shared over many great dishes which I am missing right now.⁠⠀
Now if you are looking for some healthy alternative comfort food options, here are some foods that I’ve been dipping into (foods that help boost the mood-lifting hormone serotonin).⁠⠀

*Fatty Fish- Salmon⁠⠀
*Dark Chocolate ⁠⠀
*Beans and lentils⁠⠀
*Nuts and seeds⁠⠀

What comfort foods are you reaching out for?