SPFs In Rotation⁣

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☀️I think one of the first training you get at Beauty School is to always apply SPF after any beauty treatment especially if the client is heading home in daylight and yet to be honest although I knew all this, I was never diligent with the daily application. It was not until I moved close to the equator that I realized I needed to make it a habit, a daily habit. Now after many years, it’s weird, If I don’t apply my SPF I feel like something is missing like I missed a step. Which is great because it’s become a habit. I also place different SPFs in different places to make sure I don’t forget and the spot just next to the front door is the best for not forgetting.

☀️ One SPF I am totally loving right now is the IMAGE skincare Prevention + daily tinted moisturizer oil-free 30 SPF + This is a Physical Sunscreen and the tint is just spot on for my dark skin. I haven’t seen a tint like it.

@imageskincareuk IMAGE SKINCARE Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30+ – 6% zinc oxide, 4.6%Titanium dioxide, DNA Protection Complex. This is an extremely moisturizing SPF so it really is a great one-step routine after cleansing⁣.

@shiseido SHISEIDO Suncare Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50 -is an old staple but I am not using it for this week. ⁣