Votary Oil Review

When you’re bedridden with the flu you crave nothing more than comfort, especially when everything aches and so nothing is more uplifting than the smell of a comforting cleanser. Well, the wafts of smell that you do manage to catch 🤧⁠⠀
I’m going to try to make this a short review. ⁠⠀

❇️Brand: @votarylondon – “nothing screams quintessentially English than Votary”⁠⠀

❇️Experience: I tried the Rose Geranium oil cleanser a while back and unfortunately I didn’t really form a strong enough opinion of liking or disliking it. I simply stopped using it as the scent really didn’t click with me.⁠⠀

❇️Clarifying Cleansing Oil: This, on the other hand, has worked out far more favourably. Comforting Rice Bran and Oat Oil are paired with a high in linoleic acid Grape Seed Oil, Camphor and Rosemary. The Texture is a medium weight oil not too runny and not to thick (note requires and comes with a washcloth to remove) and no closed comedones. Just really enjoying this so far. ⁠⠀

❇️Blemish Oil: Is the real treat on the table. A beautiful moisturizing blemish oil, great for acne prone skins that err on the dry side. Most blemish solutions can dry the skin and some acne oils have a dry finish neither helps over winter. This is where this oil comes in. A 2% Salicylic Acid(SA) blend in Tamanu oil. We all know the powers of oil soluble Salicylic Acid which dives deeper into the pores to unclog and help keep the skin clear. Yet Tamanu oil itself is not short of accolades, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, wound healing, regenerative. Overall this oil gently cuddles your blemishes whilst it heals and prevents them from occurring in the first place. Gentle, nourishing and effective. ⁠⠀

I guess the attempt on a short review failed 😝⁠⠀
Anyone else tried these two?⁠⠀