Bedside Beauty

A little pampering bedtime stash? ⁠⠀

Having a little end of day ritual can really help calm those bouts of nerves and anxiety. Anything from a good book to a pick-me-up essential oil. Do you have any favourite bedtime pampering rituals you are enjoying of late?⁠⠀

😴Bedtime goodies.⁠⠀
Sweet Dreams⁠⠀
@sangredefruta Chamomile Face Mist. This soothing, calming and refreshing mist works well on both my face and as a pillow mist.⁠⠀
@darphinuk I have had this for just over a year and it refuses to finish. The scent is incredible and you only need the tiniest of amounts for an uplifting scent pick me up. ⁠⠀

@selfkaire Absolutely love this for my legs and works well on the jawlines too.⁠⠀
@thelostexplorer Magnesium Arnica Leg Gel- for my “achy breaky” legs.⁠⠀

@apothakaskincare Overnight hand cream used throughout 2019 lasted longer than expected since I only used it at night @weledauk UltraRich Cream – I was using this on my flip flop feet but have since transferred this as an overnight hand cream I have two words, no make it three 😜- Incredible, moisturizing, greasy. I do feel like trying more from this range though. Have a Lovely evening everyone.