Q&A: How do I prevent my skincare from pilling

Happy Monday..🤗⁠⠀
Last week I had this question come up on products pilling. Why do products pill? How can I prevent products from piling?⁠⠀

First up what is pilling?⁠⠀ .⁠⠀
Pilling is when a product is sitting on your skin and is not being fully absorbed/settled into the skin and as a result, you might experience some “balling up or rolling off” of the product.⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ Reasons/Prevention .⁠

1️⃣Too many layers can increase the chances of your morning routine pilling, for example, a multi-step skincare routine followed by a multi-step makeup routine. (One of the reasons why some of you may notice pilling with some products during the morning and not at night). Reducing the number of layers can help with some cases of pilling. ⁠⠀

2️⃣Inappropriate layering- making sure that you are using products in appropriate layering stages throughout your routine. For example, plumpy hydrating toners are being layered after an active serum and before more silicone-y products and if you are mixing skincare together before applying and noticing pilling it may be an option to layer them instead. ⁠⠀

3️⃣Rushing in between layers can also cause the product to pill, so giving yourself time in between layers can help the product to settle into the skin and prevent pilling. Here I love to apply a nice thick layer of sunscreen onto my skin and do a few morning errands before I finally push and press any unabsorbed/unsettled product still visible into my skin. ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀

4️⃣Rubbing your skin instead of pressing and pushing the product into your skin. This has been the best way for me to avoid pilling with products. I always find when I press and push my skincare I usually experience very little if any pilling.