Frankie Jade Roller and Odacite Eye Contour Serum Review

As you saw from my stories I devoured a whole book and the K Movie Parasite this weekend all whilst either massaging my face, Ziiping, face rolling or body rolling. What I love best about doing any of these is that you actually need to sit “still” for about 10mins which makes it perfect for catching up on aa short video or a movie (which is the case for me☺️).⁠⠀

With a little extra time to spend on my face routine this weekend after face rolling with Frankie and working the smaller jade roller around my eye area, I used the @odacite Eye Contour serum concentrate (this was a bestie recommend @zarrine_beautyjunkie ). ⁠⠀

The main component of this eye serum is Baobab oil an oil used throughout ancient times in Africa and the Middle East for its regenerative abilities to retain the skin’s youthful appearance. With winter coming up there isn’t a better time to talk about this oil than now. It is a medium-weight oil that takes a while to absorb as you pat it into the delicate area around the eye but it really does quell dryness without the use of heavy eye creams. I do find eye creams can exacerbate puffiness if used incorrectly so this extra nourishing oil worked well this weekend in a very high air-con room. It is high in Antioxidants, Vitamins ( A,B,C,E), Minerals (Magnesium) and Omega Fatty Acids (3-6-9). A great oil for ageing, dry, creepy and mature skins. ⁠⠀
If there were any concerns, it would really be the oil seeping onto my cheeks and causing breakouts so I was very careful to add just a single drop onto my ring finger rubbing the two ring fingers together and then gently patting them for a little under-eye glow. It really does instantly smooth the eye area and give it that dewy nourished look whilst keeping the eye area comfortably soft and supple. ⁠⠀