Huge Hit this summer!

Ok this gel is worth breaking the no-posting streak😁. Absolutely loved this over summer! 

Aloe Vera Gel by (bought this from @_tonic15 ). I kept it in the fridge  and used it as a mask to help hydrate and cool the skin over very hot summer days. I usually don’t get excited by AVG but this is excellent quality as some grades/suppliers do sting my skin.

Benefits for Aloe Vera include:
☀️ Sunburn relief (generals helps to provide comfort, relief and helps cool down the skin especially when applied after being stored in the fridge)
🍃 Promotes wound healing (post burns, great for post blemish extraction and for blemish prone easily irritated skins)
💦 Hydrates (great humectant).

Wow ages since I last posted. Ok so fill me in, did I miss anything exciting this summer?😘