Introducing myself

Hey everyone.⁠

Hope you are all well.⁠

Firstly I just want to take a moment and say hello 👋 — to all my new followers, I am so happy that you have found something interesting to stick around for longer…. 🤗

Plus its been really hard going back to the usual skincare content I wanted to talk about acne this month, cleansers and gels but one moment I feel quite energised and then the next moment I just want to hide in a corner devour documentaries, trying to understand so much more.⁠ Then the next I feel huge bouts of uncontrollable emotions and fatigue as more and more unfolds before our eyes on racism, inclusivity, integrity. . .
I love how the beauty community has evolved over the years so much more diversity and inclusivity, I remember joining the community 4-5 years back and feeling like one of the few POC here in the community and now I am so proud to see so many more fellow POC creators join and bring diversity to a community I care so passionately for. We are in such a great place and yet we have so much more work to do, to bring a sense of belonging to more of us. ⁠

Our Black communities, BIPOC, LGBTQ communities continue to suffer some deep inequalities and I hope that we are truly and sincerely able to able to do better for them and each other as we grow and learn. ⁠

At the same time, I want to keep moving forward doing what we are supposed to be doing in our everyday lives, living them as we normally do but this time with renewed efforts to do our part to help the cause of BLM by insisting for diversity, inclusion and greater integrity in our spheres and communities.⁠ #renewedefforts

I will leave you with a quote for today:⁠

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance,” Verna Myers ⁠