My recent book obsession

I pre-ordered my @carolinehirons book last year when CH announced it was launching. My nieces then asked me about it so I ordered another one for them this summer. Over the weekend I asked them if they had “actually” read it and this was their text message to me — “Killed it over one weekend”😂

In short It’s such an easy read that works across all ages. A book on skincare that doesn’t over complicate things or get all tangled up in technical explanations. It keeps things light hearted, relatable with a bit of cheeky humour. If you are a newbie to skincare, it’s just a great way of learning some of the essentials of taking care of your skin. ⁣

The other book is from @funmifetto , a book which is as graceful as she is! I love the cover, I love the lush pictures and reading up on Funmi’s favourites. It’s just a coffee table beauty.⁣

**A special mention to @beautifulwithbrainsofficial who has a PDF book that can be downloaded which I did mention earlier this year. It is another really easy to read PDF book, and it really goes into detail about helping you create a AM and PM routine. Definitely worth checking out if this is where you get stuck.⁣

Any recent books your loving I’ll take fiction or nonfiction 😊