Navigating Skinceuticals Serums can be tricky

Like Biologie Recherche (BR) I find navigating Skinceuticals (SC) Serums can be tricky.

Each serum is usually tailored to a specific need and like BR, SC also uses a few ingredients per serum which means you can easily end up stockpiling 5-6 to address a few multiple skin concerns. In the past, I would have been happy to layer 3-4 serums but things have been a bit hectic of late so I have been slim lining a lot of my serum purchases. Here is my SC stash.⁠

Phyto Corrective Gel- I have used up two bottles of these desperately trying to fit in with the uniform opinion (from my besties that this works) but it this just doesn’t work for me. I believe the Eucalyptus Leaf Oil might be the culprit (it is a known irritant), it irritates my upper lip and surrounding nose area otherwise I feel no irritation on my cheeks and forehead. However, the serum itself is beautifully hydrating and moisturizing which helps to some degrees but it did not otherwise perform as I was expecting.⁠

Phyto Corrective Mask- My skin loves this! It temporarily cools and calms the skin especially after a day in the sun, with cucumber and olive leaf extracts. Placing this in the fridge helps the skin cool even quickly. Just a quick note it does contain fragrance and dyes (which I really wish they did not include 😞)⁠

Discolouration Defense- A light-textured serum which contains 3% Tranexamic Acid. A full review to follow.

Protect Physical Fusion UV Defence SPF 50 Universal Tint
A light liquid SPF that has a gritty texture and leaves a “funny” cast. The “grainy” texture of this SPF really took me by surprise. Full review to follow.
Blemish Age and Defense (Glycolic and Salicylic acid serum) The high level of denatured alcohol on the list was initially a turn off for me but it has otherwise been working well to keep my face clear and blemish-free.
Which one would you like a full review on?
Oh, and which brand is overflowing in your skincare stash right now?