Product review: Henne’s Organics hand cream and Botanical’s Tonic in Chamomile

As much as I love churning out the infographic, there are days when you need to put your feet up and take it easy 😁. These two have been on bedside rotation for months now. The @henneorganics hand cream is a lovely lightweight texture perfect all year round (although winter hands may need a little extra comfort). The citrusy scent is such a delight. @sangredefruta Botanical Tonic in Chamomile is another lovely, comforting and soothing product as both a skin mist and bed linen mist. ⁠⠀
Oh I almost forgot I just grabbed the @keyssoulcare Comfort balm over the weekend, trying this over the coming weeks as lip balm. Anything you’ve been loving recently?⁠⠀