These two cleansers just make for a killer double cleanse routine, especially for breakout-prone skins.

🍯I have always found the @isclinicalCleansing Complex to be a wonderful purifying cleanser for breakout-prone skins, yet if you find your skin drying out a little with this cleanser then I would definitely recommend pairing this up with the IS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser just a perfect addition to a winter routine. Not only is honey one of my favorite healing ingredients it’s also an excellent humectant attracting and retaining moisture, making sure that your skin stays hydrated, soft and supple.

🍯Being composed of a whopping 40% Honey (and royal jelly, Olive oil, Papaya Enzymes & Japanese green tea), this antibacterial/antifungal cleanser works really well on its own as a treatment for breakout-prone skins looking for a more comforting cleanse and it works beautifully as a single morning cleanser for me too.

🍯Now the texture is thick and squeezing it out of the tube requires some muscle but once you work this into your skin you feel a slight warm feeling and it also emulsifies well to leave the skin clean. I want to keep using it for another month or so and hopefully, I can do a full review then.⠀

🍯So far 4.5/5 – 42$/35GBP

🍯PM cleanse & tool routine:
@isclinical Cleansing Complex
@ISClinical Warming honey cleanser