So I promised myself a photoshoot for my birthday last week. I was kinda hoping for a decent looking picture for the website, something professional, maybe a black and white picture but this is as far as I got – a bunch of random iphone photos before I gave up 😁 .⁣⁣
…..I might try asking a friend to help before the new year and experiment a little with selfies. It’s not really my thing but then again a lot of things were not really my thing until I did them. #getuncomfortable⁣⁣
Then there is always the issue of at least one person sending an unpleasant remark where you are not the beacon of beauty they had hoped for and you realise you still have to deal with these people too. The good thing about edging closer to your mid forties is that I’m starting to take a lot more in my stride comments like these are not half as crippling as they would have been in my 20s and frankly I don’t have the energy to dwell on them especially since I’m on homework help with the kids tonight 😜 #truth ⁣⁣
How do you all feel about selfies on the feed?⁣⁣

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